ABOUT DSW Exhibition

3 – 5 December 2016, Yogyakarta

Here we showcase the modern and creative data science practices demonstrated by collaborators from various companies, artists, and DSW Camp participants. Audience attending DSW can experience the deep relationship between creativity and quantitative approaches portrayed through different type of unique visualization and presentation.

Data Science Talk

A number of acclaimed speakers will trigger your creative thinking from their deeper insight and knowledge talking about data science and creative industry. Get inspired and find the connection in between.

International Conference

ICDS aimed for dedicating data science approach to linkage between industry and academician and also strengthening data-driven culture in Indonesia.

Data Science Workshop

We provide you data science professional’s to train you implementing creative data science from basic. They will facilitate you to harnessing new skill in data science until you create your own real data analytics to support your business.

Big Data Analytics Seminar

Uncover the barrier that separate data and decision making through actionable insight exposed by renowned speakers of international big data company.

Data Science Exhibition

Find out how big international companies and creative industry practitionists work, see them face to face, widen your network, and enjoy attractive event at each booths.