• DSW Concert (Conference)
  • Exhibition & Playscape

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DSW Concert (Data In Conversation)

  • Transform the World – This is the biggest main session of Data Science Weekend where rockstars in data science and technology will share how the future technology will look like, how it will affect and enrich human life, also how data plays role in the making of emerging technology now and then. The DSW Concert aims to raise the awareness and conversation around future technology in data science perspective and inspire all the participants.

DSW Exhibition (Data In Action)

  • Show the technology – This is the space to engage with top notch data science & technology companies, professionals, and also enthusiast. The exhibition will be held in two days and fully completed by interesting exhibitors and also several projects showcasing data science and technology through different types of unique and fresh visualization and presentation from each exhibitor. DSW Exhibition becomes an important part of Data Science Weekend in bringing out the beauty of data science and technology in an everyday manner.

DSW Playscape (Data In Entertainment)

  • Entertain with Technology – This is a space that everyone will love wholeheartedly. A space to learn while playing and a place to chill. Hands-on experience with some cool stuffs from astonishing creative technology, research labs and communities. This is also a place to get inspired by future technology through the screening of several curated movies about data science and technology.